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This week sees the inaugural launch of ‘British Cookery Schools Week’. A culmination of years of activity hosted and promoted by leading cookery schools, to support both new intakes for professional cookery courses and a busy time of year for domestic focused cookery courses, with students keen to gain new kitchen skills at all levels.

ICSA are delighted to be leading this initiative with our membership and generous supporters. 

Eating healthily during a cost-of-living crisis 

Over 25 cookery schools across the UK are joining forces this October to raise awareness of the cost-of-cooking-crisis and its impact on food bills and eating habits.

The Independent Cookery School Association (ICSA) accredited schools and others will be sharing tips on eating well for less and cooking more efficiently and sustainably at home as part of a new annual awareness event, British Cookery Schools Week.

As food production, preparation and distribution costs soar, artisans, manufacturers and retailers at all levels are being forced to raise their prices, and British households are acutely feeling the pinch.

Cooking and eating well on a shrinking budget is a challenge, and in some cases it’s even changing our regular eating habits. Throughout British Cookery Schools Week, participating cookery schools will be sharing advice and insights on how UK households can cook more efficiently and eat more sustainably, both at home and at work.

ICSA’s President, Stella West-Harling and founder of Ashburton Cookery School who is now head of Feeding Devon, part of the Feeding Britain charity network said: “So many of us have become more concerned about the cost of food as all our bills increase, and when you’re on a tight budget it’s really hard to think about cooking and eating healthily.  This year’s National Cookery Schools Week, hosted by ICSA, aims to directly address this challenge by sharing budget-friendly sustainable kitchen tips from across our cookery school network, to help fight the Cost-Of-Cooking-Crisis we all face.”

The schools will be sharing information and hosting free online courses and workshops covering everything from managing food waste and reducing energy costs in the kitchen, to cooking on a budget for health, nutrition and wellbeing.

Events currently confirmed by ICSA member schools UK wide and their partners:-

o Ashburton Cookery School, Devon, Chef Director Darrin Hosegrove has created a specialist video on picking, prepping and cooking sustainable Mackerel starter.
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o ‘Cook well for less’ tips by Stella West-Harling MBE, founder of Ashburton Cookery School.
o ‘Save dough, don’t waste bread’ video by Richard Bertinet of the Bertinet Kitchen, Bath.
o The School Of Artisan Food – Best Food Forward, Learning and Cooking for Change
o Natural Chef College, London, Director Sam Hamrebtan will be sharing recipes and online content from their diploma courses focusing on nutritional eating
o Abinger Cookery School will be sharing tips on seasonal fermenting and pickling, as well as hosting a ‘Pickling and fermenting’ course on oct 6th, on a 241 basis to encourage students to bring a guest who may benefit from learning.
o Vegetarian Society Cookery School, Manchester will be sharing online daily recipes and cooking tips to save money and eat well
o River Cottage, will be sharing sustainable recipe ideas and how to cook on a budget, including an accompanying video about getting four delicious meals from one organic roast chicken with Chef tutor Gelf Anderson.
o Vaughan’s Cookery School (Wiltshire) will be sharing recipes, and sustainable cookery tips.
o Swinton Estate Cookery School in Yorkshire chef Tutor Luke will be sharing a recipe on how to be economical with your cuts of meat
o CKBK, leading recipe book platform will be sharing recipes selected from leading cook books focusing on:  Cooking with leftovers , one pot cooking to save on energy and uses of an AirFryer, including a great way to cook salmon in a short time and also saving on power.
o Delicious Magazine will be sharing recipes online and in their October issue, out end of September.
o  Leading online course provider ‘Learning with Experts’ will be sharing content and promoting their Self-Sufficient Veg Gardening, and River Cottage’s Preserve the Seasons course.
o Greatest British GourmetXperiences will be offering discounts off cookery school experience days.

More being announced this week and will go live from this Saturday 1st-8th October via the ICSA and supporting partner social media channels.

Online support from the ‘Experts’

Learning with Experts will be sharing online content and access to courses to support the #costofcookingcrisis. Elspeth Briscoe, Founder & CEO, Learning with Experts added “We’re increasingly finding students are looking for ways to be more thrifty and creative with their cooking.  Students are making the most of their ingredients and are keen to learn new and more innovative cookery skills from experts.  Many are also turning more towards self sufficiency.  They’re finding Learning with Experts accredited online courses are a trusted, flexible and affordable way to learn alongside work and life commitments.  Critically they also love learning from each other, and the thriving community feel of our online classrooms is a core part of their enjoyment and success.  Some of our most popular courses at the moment include Self-Sufficient Veg Gardening, and River Cottage’s Preserve the Seasons course – which reflects a growing demand for “grow your own” and making the most of the food you grow.”


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