The need for a regulatory body for British cookery schools goes back a few years before the birth of The Independent Cookery Schools Association. The idea began simply as a conversation between industry leaders nearly a decade ago. A few years later, ICSA was formed. Now celebrating our Fifth year, we continue to grow and focus on our core values. 

  • Sustainability
  • Seasonality
  • Sourcing Regionally
  • Supporting British Producers, Suppliers & high standards of animal welfare.
    Focusing on applying nutrition and healthy eating at all levels.
  • Single use plastic-free kitchens.
    Our mission to teach and aspire students and manufacturers to switch to eco-friendly products, available to commercial and domestic kitchens.

Look for the ICSA ‘Kite Mark’ as an assurance of teaching standards and ethics.

Stella West Harling MBE. 
Joint Founder & President

Introduction to ICSA

Independent Cookery School Association “ICSA” is the only independent, non-for-profit, regulatory body for cookery schools in the UK.

Established in 2014, founded by industry leaders, ICSA now accredits the Greatest British Cookery Schools  Collection for excellence in cookery skills and training. ICSA members focus on teaching and practicing Sustainability, Seasonality, Sourcing regionally and Supporting British Producers, with an on- going focus on nutrition and healthy eating..

Each member school is selected based on strict criteria following application. Assessment visits are made by qualified assessors based on the teaching standards of Chef Tutors across key performance indicators. The ICSA accreditation “Kite Mark” is only awarded if consistency is achieved, highlighting that they are recognised as a Greatest British Cookery School.

Accredited courses. Whilst ICSA ‘Accredit’ cookery schools for consistency in their teaching standards, our partnership with the internationally recognised “CTH” (Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality), enables our member schools to provide formal qualifications in hospitality and catering to the highest standards. Read more about our partnership with the CTH here. 

Search here for accredited cookery schools Select specialist courses from baking through to butchery, plant based cooking, speciality sustainable fish selection and prep through to professional Barbecuing, working on Yachts and the ultimate dinner party prep. All courses are underpinned by professional chef skills and teaching standards.

Members continue to focusing on our five core values alongside our mission statement of Excellence in Cookery Skills and Training. These are that all ICSA schools aim to be Sustainable, Seasonal, Source Regional, with aiming to be single use plastic free as soon as possible. Supporting British producers suppliers and high animal welfare standards, whilst promoting healthy cooking and nutrition at all levels.  The time to act is now and we are taking that action, Are you?

Remember look for the ICSA accreditation ‘Kite Mark’ seal of Excellence in Cookery Skills and Training.

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Promoting responsible farming & animal welfare.