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Stella West Harling MBE. 
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ckbk Digital Recipe Subscription Service

ckbk is the ultimate digital subscription service for cooks. Bringing together recommendations from hundreds of world-class chefs and food writers to create a ranking of the most essential cookbooks of all time.

Guided by this expert advice, they work with publishers and authors to license the best classic and contemporary cookbooks from the UK, USA and beyond. Many of these books have never before been available in digital form. Unlike other sites, they don’t offer just a sampling of the content – subscribers get unlimited access to the complete content of every book. ckbk offers a seamless and natural way to explore the best cookbook recipes, with instant searchability from any device and personal recommendations to guide you to the most relevant dishes.

ckbk is transforming how people access the best recipes by the best chefs. Their growing collection of over 350 trusted cookbooks are written by culinary leaders, famous kitchens and masters in their field. Everyone can now find their favourite authors, search reliable classics, discover new flavours from over 100 national cuisines and improve their technique from anywhere, anytime.

As an ICSA student, you can also benefit from a discounted trial of their recipe service, then, if you like it, upgrade to annual membership saving a further 30%! Ideal to try out new recipes, apply your new found cookery skills from one of our ICSA cookery courses, or indeed flip through some of the Worlds finest recipe books.

To qualify, simply register for our ‘ICSA COOKS CLUB’ here, and we will send you a welcome email with instructions on how to qualify, plus free content and offers from our ICSA cookery school members and partners.


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