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Partners & Friends of ICSA are affiliated groups, brands and companies associated with the culinary world who share our core values of excellence in practise.

Stella West Harling MBE. 
Joint Founder & President

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delicious. Magazine.

Britain’s most inspiring, exciting food magazine. An award-winning magazine with a tablet and mobile app, delicious. features 50-plus triple-tested, foolproof recipes with beautiful complementary photography, plus compelling editorial features every month.

Each issue has new recipe ideas that the everyday cook really values, complete with nutritional information and practical timings. There are also challenging recipes that will develop key skills – and ultimately turn readers into better cooks. Food-related travel, food issues that matter, celebrity chefs, and no-nonsense perspectives on food and health round out the package. is home to more than 5,000 recipes, along with a collection of video techniques that will help hone users’ cooking skills. And at the delicious. shop you can buy kitchen and dining equipment that gets the delicious. seal of approval.

At the heart of their core values is the building of communities of passionate, skilled and sustainable businesses with whom they can inspire schools and cooks from the home to the top professional kitchens nationwide.


Promoting responsible farming & animal welfare where possible.