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The Vegan Chef School. London. ‘Affiliate ICSA Member’. Supporting & developing new progressive cookery schools.

“Vegan cuisine will not have a great impact unless we create great chefs” is the mantra of Chef Day, Founder of The Vegan Chef School.

The Vegan Chef School is a community based start-up London school, that has a radically progressive mission – to move forward veganism, sustainability and compassionate ways of being through communication, learning, research and development.

Learning, and the implementation of that learning in the real world, is at the core of The Vegan Chef School (VCS). However, it is not limited to this but rather, it serves as a starting point for a broad programme of activity. The various elements of The “VCS” thrive on mutual engagement with one another. The programme will evolve to reflect the changing needs of conscious consumerism, society and technology.

Through various research pathways the VCS will be a major voice in innovation and retrospection; seeking ways to move contemporary vegan cuisine forward whilst documenting and honouring it’s past. The VCS aims to be a catalyst in raising urgent questions that concern compassionate living, which the vegan cuisine sector is at the core of, and explore sustainable and healthy ways to move forward as a business, as humans and society as a whole.

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As part of the ‘fast track Vegan Chef course’ students learn the theory of food, such as taste pairing, scaling recipes and designing menus.

Teaming up with industry partners, the course includes projects where the students create their own recipes to a brief – which are then put into production. Recently the resident students worked in partnership with ‘Riverford organics’ home delivery company. The students were given a brief to create recipes for their Vegan Recipe box kits. They produced incredible creations such as baked asparagus wrapped in tamari courgette and spiced sweet potato with watercress and orange salad.

The core accredited cookery course is designed to give the students real-world experience that makes the perfect bridge between being a home cook and taking that first step on the chef career ladder. Students spend time working as interns with some of the biggest names in the restaurant business. This term they have worked with trail-blazing eateries – The Fields Beneath and Gauthier Soho

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The Vegan Chef School. London

The Artisan Bakehouse is set in a rural idyll in sleepy West Sussex.

This award winning cookery school destination and eating experience offers the best of local, seasonal foods, and teaches artisan baking to the highest standard. The traditional wood oven adds to a great experience in a relaxed, friendly, professional setting. Owners Louise and baker Les are totally passionate about real bread and want to share that with you.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a regular bread maker, they offer workshops throughout the year to help you hone your baking skills and knowledge with a group of like-minded people. Many of the breads are baked in their traditional wood oven giving the opportunity to work with a baker’s peel. The courses are however aimed at baking in the home. You will therefore be able to take the recipes and techniques back home to enjoy as well as the delicious breads you have made!

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