10b09d20-9a99-43f3-91b6-8578f5cf2d09ALDI is to give more than 3,000 staff a pay rise making it the highest-paying supermarket in the UK. Employees at the bargain chain will earn £8.53 an hour and £9.75 if they live in London, starting from February 1.

The German discounter said more than 3,350 UK employees will benefit from the  pay hike, which marks an increase on its current minimum pay of £8.40 an hour nationally and £9.45 in London.

The move will see Aldi pay more than the voluntary Living Wage rate of £8.45 announced by the Living Wage Foundation in November. It also beats the Government’s national Living Wage of £7.20 an hour, which will go up to £7.50 in April.

Aldi claimed its rate of pay will be the highest in the supermarket sector, beating closest rival Lidl’s recently announced increase to £8.45 nationally from March.

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