The UK’s farming unions have told Government, the EU and the food industry that a sizeable change in the way food is sold is needed in order to avoid dire consequences for the farming industry and rural economy

The four union presidents of the National Farmers Union, NFU Scotland, NFU Cymru and Ulster Farmers Union together with FFA, TFA, CLA and NFYFC, have issued a joint statement to retailers, processors and Government requesting that the warning signs that farming is in a state of emergency not be ignored.

Retailers: “Stop devaluing fresh British food like milk purely to get customers through the door. Start demonstrating right now how you are ensuring that ALL the food you are selling comes from a farm, which has been paid a fair price. The British public has said time and time again that they want British food. Unless farmers’ returns are sustainable and you promote British food and label it properly the future of our supply is at risk. If you can’t demonstrate what you are doing for all food then we look to you to commit to changing.”


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