Evidence of UK Government’s intentions, at least from the NHS point of view to actively  encourage local health authorities to up their game on obesity and diabetes prevention is evidenced by a number of conferences scheduled for 2018.

These are delegated from health authorities and government, along with expert advisors who will discuss specific proposals from within the strategy, including:

*Action to limit price promotion on food and drink products that are high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS)
*Extending restrictions on the advertising of HFSS products to all programmes before the 9pm watershed
*Practical support for food manufacturers to reformulate their products; and efforts to encourage greater levels of physical activity.

As we are aware, the food and drink manufacturers and retailers have a huge impact on the purchasing habits of consumers, but low to mid-income depends upon low-cost processed food – which consists of inordinate amounts of cheap oils, fats, salt and sugar. It will be interesting to see how the experts marry up this conflict of cost versus food quality without impinging on the food costs of the poorest members of society.

By Stella West- Harling