Set in the heart of Kent, two hours away from London is one of the South East’s  finest cookery schools. Kent Cookery School is a happy marriage of old and new- a modern purpose built kitchen with all the olde world charm of Kent, transporting you to a culinary oasis away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Husband and wife team Dan Kennedy and Lucie Moore, both passionate about all things food, took over the school in 2013. Dan is a skilled chef tutor and food enthusiast, and they are both dedicated to working with their students and in the local community to educate and encourage a love and understanding of food from field to the plate. Dan’s fun and creative approach to his teaching  challenges students to try new skills and push the boundaries of their own cooking or teach the basics. This special mix of passion, professional premises and fine produce from the Garden of England has made Kent Cookery School an idyllic and inspiring food location.

Daniel Kennedy – Owner and Chef Tutor at Kent Cookery School:
Where did the journey begin?
I began my chef career in the South West in a country hotel and always had a love of teaching- motivating youngsters, sharing knowledge and motivating young people. I was mentored by amazing chefs and I wanted to pass on skills and knowledge to others.

Why did you open Kent Cookery School?
I was working at Folkestone Catering College and working at the school and in 2013 the previous owners announced they were going to sell the school. Lucie and I decided to go for it and buy the premises. It was hugely exciting as suddenly I would have the freedom to design my own courses and teach my own syllabus.

What’s special about it?
The location is stunning but it was all a little run down so we set about renovating it. It’s in an idyllic location and has an olde worlde charm about it. Our dream for it is that it is a food destination, a place you can come and tune out for a bit and just enjoy the earthy pleasure of cooking and learning. I like to shake things up too-incorporate new techniques and push the boundaries a bit.

What are you most proud of? 
Seeing returning customers and students, some people have been with us since we started and I love hearing how they are incorporating new skills into their cooking. We are also very proud of our local produce which we use and encourage our students to use. We care passionately about educating people about food from the field to the plate and also what you do with your left overs.

Whats the next step?
We have gone from running 1 class a week to 4 classes a week , and now we want to expand on that, get bigger premises and more work in the community , using local food and working with allotments to cook together in the community-let’s have a big cook together!