NEWS- New legislation

We had a very interesting report on a visit by the EHO at which new legislation which is already now implemented was discussed. Many thanks to Darrin Hosegrove (Chef Director, Ashburton Cookery School) for giving us the up-to-date information. One of these items (5) affects ALL cookery schools and will require a new method of RIDDOR reporting with immediate effect.

1) No sous vide cookery can take place at a temperature under 60c and at this lowest temperature all foods should be cooked for a minimum of 93 mins to make sure all E-Coli is killed. There has been evidence that E-Coli can survive at a lower temperature.

2) Every time the cooking is sous vide it must go onto a HACCP plan and it isn’t covered in the SFBB diary. The HACCP plan should show all the critical control points from temperature of the ingredients arriving, temperature of storage, sous vide cooking temp and time and serving temperature.

3/ The new holding temperatures for sous vide are as follows:

60c – 93 mins

65c – 13.6 mins

70c – 2 mins

75c – 18 secs

80c – 3 secs

4/ Any sushi or sashimi on the courses must go on the HACCP plan showing all critical control points from temp and storage of fish arriving through to freezing, defrosting and serving. Freezing all fish for Sushi is preferable at -18 to -20c for 24 hours.

5/ Any student taken to hospital for treatment is now RIDDOR reportable even if they come back to the school to finish the course.

Stella West-Harling