10b09d20-9a99-43f3-91b6-8578f5cf2d09A supermarket that is known for its low prices is starting to make a name for itself as a health food store. In recent years, Aldi has been removing certain pesticides and chemicals from its products, and now they are going even further.  As of January 1, the German retailer will be removing eight pesticides from all products on its U.S. stores shelves. With its new focus on organic food, Aldi has gained a reputation as a go-to place for the health-conscious shopper.

They are expanding their organic food brands, removing some artificial ingredients from products and adding more gluten-free items.

They have removed certified synthetic colors, partially hydrogenated oils, and MSG from their private-label products (which make up 90% of sales).

They have expanded their sales of fresh and organic meat and produce, including the “Never Any!” brand of meats that contain no added antibiotics, hormones, animal by-products or other additives.

The chain will also expand the SimplyNature line (which is free of more than 125 artificial ingredients) and their gluten-free liveGfree brand.

Their milk was free of artificial growth hormones, but now its yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, and other dairy products will be as well.

They have begun to offer more high-end foods like artisan cheeses, smoked salmon, quinoa, and coconut oil.

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