When I started my cookery school 25 years ago, my ethos of buying local, seasonal, organic (wherever possible) produce was something very new to my students. How times have changed and thankfully for the better. Back then I wrote scathing articles both in the UK and in the USA about GMO crops, over-use of hormones and fertilisers…so many issues to address. I went on protests, marches and our voices were heard, resulting in a ban on producing GMO foods in the UK. What a victory and how we cheered!

Except 25 years on, it is simply chilling what is about to happen and it is on our doorstep, so if you don’t want this, YOU had better find a way of making YOUR voices heard! If you would like ICSA to campaign on any of these issues which could reasonably be expected to materialise through a UK-USA Trade Agreement, send us your concerns and tell us what you want you want. DON’T keep quiet and hope this will go away. It took a huge amount of effort from a strong and united Food Movement 25 years ago. It needs the same, but louder and more organised, protests now.  Please see the article here.

By Stella West- Harling