Organised retail is experiencing growth worldwide, leading to increase in number of private-label brands. Interestingly, the biggest growth is to be seen in  new retailers entering the market space, attracted by the growing popularity of fruit spreads for at-home consumption (that’s Jam with a difference to you and me.)

‘Fruit Spreads’ is an industry term for a conserve (ie LESS sugar, MORE fruit and no stickiness.) Whilst the most famous brand in the UK is Bonne Maman, it appears that behind the scenes the big supermarkets are planning on developing this trend in a slightly different way, by creating a ‘home-made’ look to their product.

In 2014, private labels represented about 33% of all fruit spread sales in the UK. In the US, Kroger has introduced private-label products under its Value, Kroger, and private selection product lines. Many large retailers are offering more fruit varieties by expanding into gourmet facilities. Retailers are investing in private-label spreads as consumers are seeking affordable and high-quality products.

How can this benefit cookery schools?  Conserves and fruit spreads are huge so maybe it’s a good  time to design a new cookery course in jams and conserves in the calendar in time for the summer soft fruit season.