All ICSA Accredited cookery Schools who display our ‘ICSA Assurance’

Kite Mark have agreed to adhere to the below minimum standards.

All PPE will be Hospital Grade
All member schools have the option to temperature check students on arrival.

  • Clear head masks worn by lecturers & key workers.
  • Gloves, masks and gowns available for all students.
  • Contactless purchases throughout.
  • Cancellation Support:
    If you feel unwell and inform us prior, we can re-arrange within no cancellation fee

Strict cleaning regulations in place throughout.
All contact areas will be fully cleaned down & prepped prior to every class

  • Hospital grade gel stations & hand wash available throughout.
    With regular ‘wash down’ breaks.
  • All wash-room facilities limited to one person, with clean down instructions.
  • All areas checked at regular recorded intervals.

Flexible Bookings & Follow-up.
Cancellation policies relaxed
If you feel unwell, pre-inform us and we can re-arrange with no cancellation fee

  • Contactless transactions throughout.
  • 7 day follow up
    All course attendees asked to raise with the school if they feel unwell within 7 days.

All schools will ensure they allow maximum space allowable.
Exceeding Government guidelines where possible.

We will remain sensitive to individual needs and requirements throughout your visit.

Any issues, or concerns please feed back to us immediately.
These are Min. standard guidelines. Individual school variations may apply.